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Feature Highlight: Appointment Waitlist
December 14, 2021
Feature Highlight: Appointment Waitlist

Introducing the Appointment Waitlist

Today, I would like to briefly introduce a new feature that we’ve recently added: the Appointment Waitlist. In short, the waitlist allows potential clients to register for an appointment time slot that is already booked by another client. If the other client decides to cancel or move their appointment to a different time, you will have the ability to offer the appointment slot to the waitlisted client.

The Motivations Behind the Feature

At this point in December 2021, we are all intimately familiar with how the bridal landscape has changed over the last 2 years. Due to factors like the labor shortage and increased consumer demand, the supply of appointment slots comes at a premium. This makes it incredibly important for business owners to maintain an efficient schedule.

There are many approaches that a bridal shop can take to improve its schedule’s efficiency and its subsequent sales ratio. One popular approach is to increase the prevalence of paid appointments. This results in serious prospects who are far more likely to convert into a sale. This can be as simple as applying the client’s payment as a deposit on their order, or as complex as a more luxurious experience that clients will rave about.

Another “free” win is the very topic of this blog post - the Appointment Waitlist. Schedules are constantly changing, and the waitlist is intended to mitigate the disruptions of these changes. Instead of dealing with empty slots or scrambling to fill the slots, allow your clients to simply register for the waitlist. Even a single filled slot can result in a sale, and that adds up. This is especially important for high-demand days like weekends.

How CloudBridal Makes It Easy

We’ve designed the waitlist so that you don’t even have to do anything to use it. It’s seamlessly built into the existing appointment scheduling process, so you don’t need to learn how to use any new features to take advantage of the waitlist. So how exactly does it work? Well, here’s a quick explanation of the flow:

  1. When booking a new appointment, clients will have the ability to join a waitlist for a time slot if their desired slot is not available. They can either wait for the specific slot, or mark themselves as flexible for the day.


  1. If the waitlisted slot (or day) opens up for any reason, you will automatically be presented with the waitlist request in the Pending Appointments section of the calendar.


  1. You should reach out to the client first to double check that they’re still interested, and if so, all you need to do is confirm the appointment as you would any other pending appointment request. The client will then receive a confirmation email, and you’re all set!


As an aside, the waitlist also presents an opportunity to create an ad-hoc appointment if you so choose. It’s good to have the flexibility of a source of prospects that may not otherwise register for an appointment.

Now What?

We are always looking for more opportunities to make your appointments more efficient. Do you have any interesting ideas or feedback to improve this process? If so, feel free to reach out to support@cloudbridal.com. Some ideas that we would like to explore further are ways to improve screening prospective clients to generate high quality leads, but we are always happy to have a conversation with you to improve the direction of CloudBridal.

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