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Keeping Track of Updates

CloudBridal is constantly evolving with new features and enhancements, many of which are suggested by users like you. Unlike many other software vendors, we keep a detailed log of our update history on the Updates page. You can see the latest release notes at the top of the page.

Every release note will include a Version as well as a summary of the changes that are included with the version. Our version format follows the convention of Year.Month.VersionCount. For example, the 2nd update that is released in March 2021 is 21.3.2.

You can easily see the current version of CloudBridal on the bottom-left of the sidebar within the application:


You will also see a red indicator by the Release Notes button if a new update has been released that you have not viewed. Viewing the notes for that release will hide the red indicator.

Finally, CloudBridal will automatically notify you if your version is out of date after a new version has been released. You will see a prominent New Version Available button at the top near your bridal shop’s name. You can either click this button or just reload the page, which will automatically update you.


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