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Appointment Settings

Since creating and managing appointments are pivotal to the success of your business, we believe that they need to be easy to administrate while remaining flexible.

  1. Navigate to the CloudBridal settings.
  2. Click the Appointments menu item.
  3. Modify the settings as you wish and click the Save button at the bottom when you are finished.

General Settings

  1. Set up your business hours by entering a start time and end time for each day of the week. If your store is closed on a day,  check the Closed checkbox.
  2. If you wish to simplify your calendar to display only the days your store is open, check the Hide Closed Days in Appointments Calendar checkbox.
  3. If you wish to select a specific accent color for the scheduling tool that your customer will use, do so in the Appointment Scheduler Accent Color field. You can preview how this color will look by clicking the Preview Scheduler button, which will open the scheduler that the customer will see.
  4. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Appointment Types

An Appointment Type is simply the name of the appointment that your customers will book. It consists of a name, duration in minutes, and whether the appointment is for internal creation only.

  1. Create an Appointment Type by clicking the Add Appointment Type button.
  2. Enter a name (e.g. Bridal) and the appointment duration in minutes. If you wish to hide the appointment as an option from the customer, be sure to select the Internal Use Only checkbox, which means that only a staff member can create appointments with that type. This is especially useful for follow-up appointments like fittings and alterations.
  3. Save the Appointment Type.
  4. Repeat for each type you offer.

Appointment Resources

An Appointment Resource is an entity that can handle appointments. You can choose to represent anything that makes sense in your store, but a good idea is to name your Appointment Resources after fitting rooms. An Appointment Resource has a name, a collection of handled appointment types, and a color that it will display on your calendar.

  1. Create an Appointment Resource by clicking the Add Resource button.
  2. Enter a name (e.g. Fitting Room 1), select the handled appointment types you created before, and a color to display on the calendar.
  3. Save the Appointment Resource.
  4. Repeat for each resource you have.

Appointment Schedules

An Appointment Schedule is a range of time where appointments can be handled for a day. It is defined by a day of the week and an appointment resource. One way to think about it is that creating an Appointment Schedule is like saying “Fitting Room #1 can take appointments between 9am – 5pm on Friday”.

  1. Create an Appointment Schedule by clicking the Add Schedule button.
  2. Select a day of the week and an appointment resource from before. You can also check the Auto accept incoming appointment requests checkbox if you are okay with customers being immediately approved after they request the appointment.
  3. By default the schedule will use the time range that you selected for opening your store, but you can override this range by clicking the Select Specific Availability Instead link. Doing so will allow you to customize your actual availability for that resource. This is useful for things like lunch breaks.
  4. Save the Appointment Schedule.
  5. Repeat for each schedule you wish to create.

Embedding the Scheduling Tool in Your Website

If you wish to allow your customers to request appointments online, you can embed the CloudBridal Appointment Scheduler directly in your website. These instructions will vary based on your setup, but for WordPress they will look something like this:

  1. Download and install the iframe plugin for WordPress.
  2. Create a new page in WordPress and name it something like “Book Appointment”. Adjust the styling as you desire.
  3. In the new page, add the iframe shortcode to the content. You can see the specific code you need to use at the bottom of the appointment settings page. A sample will look like: [iframe src=”{your generated URL}” width=”100%” height=”1000″ allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”]
  4. You can adjust some of the parameters like height or scrolling if you wish.
  5. Add your new page as a link somewhere on your website, like the navbar at the top.

If you have any questions about your setup, feel free to contact CloudBridal support and we will do our best to help you.