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Staff Member & Roles Settings

The Staff Member Settings let you create and manage the employees that work for your store. Broadly speaking, there are two categories of staff members:

  • Staff Members with access to CloudBridal: These staff members have their own CloudBridal account and can use it to sign into the system. They can do things like manage appointments, inventory, customers, etc. However, they cannot view or manage the settings, and certain administrative views and actions are forbidden for them. These staff members impact your pricing.
  • Staff Members with no access to CloudBridal: These staff members might use CloudBridal for features like clocking in and out, but do not have a dedicated account. As an administrator, you can still view reports about these staff members like wage reports. These staff members do not impact your pricing, and you can create as many as you want.

Staff Members

  1. Navigate to the CloudBridal settings.
  2. Click the Staff Members menu item.
  3. If you have not whitelisted your IP yet, you must do so first.
  4. Click the New Staff Member button and set their name, wage, type, and time tracker pin code.
    • Name: The staff member’s full name (required)
    • Wage per Hour: The wage you pay them, used to calculate wage report (optional)
    • Role: The staff member’s role in the store (required). For help on how to set up a role, read the Roles section below.
    • Staff Member Type: Either Sales Associate or Other. A Sales Associate is a unique type because they are associated to a customer during the bridal registration process, which impacts some of the reports. (required)
    • Time Tracker Pin Code: This is the number that your staff member will use to clock in and out using the time tracker. You can either create a number for them, or ask them for a number. (optional)
  5. After creating a staff member, you will see a Registration Code generated for them. If you wish for them to have access to CloudBridal, you will have to give them this code and request that they register for an account. A staff member will only have access to CloudBridal if you give them this code.
  6. If you wish to mark a staff member as inactive or suspend their login, you can edit them in the settings and check the Inactive and Login Suspended checkbox. This will remove them from counting toward your CloudBridal subscription.
  7. You can view inactive staff members by checking off the Display Inactive box in the Staff Members & Roles settings page.


With permissions set, you can control exactly what this role can view and manage.

  1. Navigate to the CloudBridal settings.
  2. Click the Staff Members menu item.
  3. If you have not whitelisted your IP yet, you must do so first.
  4. Click the New Role button and set the name of the role and the permissions available for that role.
    • Role: Examples include sales associate, seamstress, assistant manager, manager, etc.
    • Permissions:
      • Permissions to control include: Dashboard, Dashboard Alerts, Dashboard Financial Details, Appointments, Customers, Inventory, Orders, Reports, Staff Schedule, and Settings.
      • View: The view permission only gives users the ability to see a certain section of CloudBridal, with no access to add, edit, or delete data. For example, a sales associate may not need access to the store’s Dashboard Financial Details, whereas a manager would.
      • Manage: The manage permission gives users the ability to add, edit, and delete data. For example, you may choose to give sales associates the ability to view the Staff Schedule, but not the ability to manage them.
  5. Click the Save button to save your settings.