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Set up Your Profile

Your profile contains settings that are specific to your user account. You can configure these settings to improve the user experience of CloudBridal.

  1. Click your email address at the top right and select My Profile or visit this link directly: https://go.cloudbridal.com/profile
  2. In the Profile Details section, enter your full name and save the form.

Two Factor Authentication

You can optionally use Two Factor Authentication to increase the security for your account. Using Two Factor Authentication requires a device like a phone or a tablet. When signing in, you will be required to enter your username, password, and a code that your device generates in order to access your account.

  1. Click the Enable Google Authenticator button.
  2. Download the Google Authenticator app on an Android or an Apple device.
  3. Write down the Secret Key in a safe place that only you can access. This is needed in case your device is ever lost or breaks in order to recover your account.
  4. Using Google Authenticator, scan the QR barcode that displays in CloudBridal.
  5. Enter the 6-digit token generated by Google Authenticator in the Verify Token field and then click Verify.
  6. Once you’re verified, you will need to use a new generated token every time you sign in to your account. You can always disable Two Factor Authentication later on if you change your mind.