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The Appointments tab shows everything you need to see about your upcoming appointments. This page is grouped into three sections: Actions, Pending Appointments, and the Appointment Calendar.


In the Actions section, you can do the following:

  • Add Appointment: Click this button to manually create an appointment. You will need to fill out the form and then click the Save button to add the appointment to the calendar.
  • Hide days when store is closed: Check this if you wish to condense your calendar to just the days when your store is open.
  • Filter By Appointment Type: Use this filter to show only the subset of appointment types that you care about.

Pending Appointments

The Pending Appointments section displays all of the appointment requests that customers have created using the appointment scheduler. It displays all of the relevant appointment request details that help you decide whether to accept the appointment or not.

This table also has two actions for each appointment:

  1. View/Edit Details : See the details of the appointment request and make changes as you wish. You can also Decline, Confirm, or Save the appointment. Declining or Confirming the appointment will send a notification to the customer.
  2. Jump to Date: Jumps to the requested date in the calendar to help you quickly see the availability for that date.

Appointment Calendar

The Appointment Calendar displays all of your appointments in one place.

  • You can navigate around the calendar using the buttons at the top of it, and can even change the view mode to either Month, Week, or Day.
  • Appointments that are pending will have a dotted red border and appointments that are confirmed will have a solid green border.
  • If you click on an existing appointment, you will open the details of that appointment in a popup.
  • You can also click on an empty space to automatically pre-fill the start time and date for a new appointment.
  • The top of each day contains a Notes section that lets you write anything you want for that day, like if a special reminder is needed for that day. Just click on the empty section to set notes.

How Exactly Do Appointments Work?

  • Appointments can either be requested by a customer through the appointment scheduler tool, or created by a staff member.
  • Appointments created by a customer are typically placed into a Pending state, and need to be confirmed by a staff member.
  • Appointments created by staff members are automatically Confirmed.
  • An appointment defines a type, time, date, customer details, internal notes, and customer comments. Note that internal notes are not visible to the customer.
  • Any appointments that are created or have a status change will notify both the main store email (configured in settings) as well as the customer email.