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The Customers tab displays everything you need to know about your customers, and allows you to create and manage your customers as well.


  • Create New Customer: see Create/Edit Customer below.
  • Filter by type: Use this radio button group to filter by a specific customer type.
  • Only Show Follow Ups: A customer marked with the Should Follow Up With status will display.
  • Filter By Staff: Allows you to filter the list by a specific sales associate. Tip: combine this with Only Show Follow Ups to get a list of customers that a particular staff member should follow up with.

Customers List

The customers list displays all the customers in a convenient and easy to search place. By default, it displays your newest customers first.

Create/Edit Customer

If you click the New Customer button or the Edit Customer action button, you will be brought to a Customer Details page where you can manage everything about the customer.

  • Set details like Name, Email, Comments, etc.
  • Create and view orders for the customer. A customer can have as many orders as you want, including a dress, accessory, veil, and so on. An order has the order details that define what the customer is ordering and the payment details that define prices and discounts.
  • Add bridal party members to help you keep track of bridal party groups and their orders.
  • Generate printable receipts at both the customer and the bridal party level.