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The Orders tab helps you keep track of all your Orders and states.


  • You can use the tabbed menu to view your orders by status. For example, select the Arrived menu item to view all items that have been delivered but have not had work completed. The different types are:
    • New: Just created for a customer and has not been ordered yet.
    • Ordered: Order has been placed, waiting for receipt.
    • Arrived: Order has arrived, but pending work.
    • Work Completed: Work on order has finished, but pending pick up.
    • Picked Up: Order has been picked up and it is fully completed.
    • Cancelled: Order has been cancelled for any reason.

Orders List

The orders list displays all the orders in a convenient and easy to search place. By default, it displays your newest orders first.

Edit Order

The orders page is a bit different than others because you cannot create orders directly through this page. In CloudBridal, orders are always created from the context of an existing customer, so in order to create an order, you must navigate to an existing customer and create it from there.

Once the order has been created, you can click the Edit Order action button, which will bring you directly to the customer details page. Simply expand the order details to make any changes that you wish, like updating the status.