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Your Dashboard

Your CloudBridal Dashboard is the first page that you see when you sign in and provides an overview of your business. The dashboard really begins to shine as more data is entered.


CloudBridal has an overview of all your orders by status for the current year, and you can use the buttons to instantly navigate to orders of that status. If you’re the store owner, you will also be able to view how much money you have received and how much is outstanding for the current year.


This section simply keeps you up to date about the number of customers you have and their type.

Popular Referral Types

You no longer have to guess what referral source is driving your business. Customers will be asked this question during the Bridal Registration process, and you will be able to then act on this data. Notice that a particular source is bringing a lot of clients? Advertise with them!

Popular Wedding Months

Keep track of your upcoming busy months so that you can stay on top of all your work. This list is grouped by customer type to give you even more information.


Get a high level overview of your best performing inventory items, and use the links to filter your inventory by brand instantly. As the store admin, you can also view both the wholesale value and the retail value of your inventory.