Update History

May 2021 (Ongoing)

New Features


  • Added ability to charge payments to a credit/debit card using our payments partner, Stripe. You can connect CloudBridal to a new or existing Stripe account in the Payments Settings, at which point you will be able to initiate charges directly through the CloudBridal payment form. This integration is optional, and you can continue to enter payments as before if you wish to use a different payments processor.
  • Added Customer Type column to Payments Created report.


  • Added ability to send an invitation for customers to self-register into CloudBridal directly through appointments as an alternative to including a link in the email the customer receives automatically when their appointment is confirmed. The text for this email can be customized in the Customer Registration Settings.
  • Added a Copy Registration Link button to appointments where the customer has not yet self-registered. This allows you to manually copy the link and send it to the customer through a non-email communication method – if you would prefer to email them, we recommend using the email feature described above.
  • If you have purchase orders enabled, you can now apply the Additional Fees of a customer’s order toward their future purchase order. This will be added to the wholesale price of the item when calculating the total price of a purchase order.


  • The Customer Registration feature is now fully configurable. You are now able to create sections in the registration form that map to both system fields and custom fieldsSo if you have a lot of custom fields on a customer’s profile that you would like them to fill out when they self-register, you can easily create sections in the form to make this possible.
  •  Added the concept of Dropdown custom fields. For every field type other then Checkbox, you can now set the Display Mode of the field to Dropdown. This allows you to then populate the custom field with a list of selectable options. This is very useful when the answer to a custom field is always within a set of a few possible answers. This is available for all custom fields, including the new Customer Registration form.
  • Added new custom field types: Currency and Phone Number. Currency will format your answer as a currency by using your configured currency symbol, and Phone Number will format your answer in your configured phone number format.

April 2021

New Features


  • Custom fields are now more intuitive to set up. They can be re-ordered by using drag-and-drop functionality, and the field width can now be set using simple and self-explanatory dropdown options. 
  • Improved user interface consistency and usability throughout CloudBridal. 


  • Inventory items now support multiple sizes through the new Item Varieties section on the inventory item page.
  • Appointments can now be reinstated from the Store Declined status to a Confirmed status. This helps in situations like for example when a customer wants to propose a new time for an appointment that you already declined. Rather than having to re-type all of the data, you can simply take the existing appointment and change it with the new date.
  • The customer quoting feature now lets you define a custom per-item price for the quote.
  • Vendors now have a Call action just like customers do. If you have defined a VoIP format in the settings, it will also respect that setting.
  • Dashboard inventory financials will now calculate the wholesale and retail values based on your defined quantities.
  • The inventory item excel data import feature will now attempt to update existing inventory items rather than always creating new inventory items. It will detect existing items by looking up items with a matching Vendor and Item Name/Style ID. 


  • Added new documentation link to the side menu
  • Merged Time Tracker Settings into Staff Members & Roles Settings
  • Enhanced user experience for staff time tracker interface
  • Fixed bug where certain form fields in a row would be slightly misaligned 
  • Fixed bug where customers added through the bridal party interface could not be removed from the bridal party before saving
  • Fixed bug where order tax amount displayed as a clearable field even though it is a calculated field that should not be clearable
  • Fixed bug where in certain cases, the Appointment Resource Usage report would throw an error 
  • Fixed bug where in certain cases, the Customer Popular Wedding Months widget on the dashboard would throw an error


  • Added new customer setting: VoIP Custom URL Format. This is useful for those who call their customers using a VoIP system. Setting a value like “https://example.org/{TELEPHONENUMBER}” in this field will cause the “Call Customer” functionality to route to this URL and it will also replace the {TELEPHONENUMBER} placeholder with the customer’s actual phone number
  • The appointments calendar now allows you to filter the appointments by the appointment status: All, Pending, Confirmed, Declined by Store, and Cancelled by Customer. This filter also works when using the “Find a customer’s appointment” search functionality
  • Adjusted print styles to generally be more compact and have a reduced font size. This applies in all places that open the print page, including customer receipts, quotes, bridal party summary, etc.


  • Creating a payment now allows you to manually set the payment date instead of always defaulting to the current date
  • Added new Childrenswear inventory item type, which is disabled by default. In addition, every inventory item type can now be enabled or disabled individually, in case there are certain item types that you do not sell in your store. This is configured in the Inventory Item settings


  • Added support for UK-based pricing in GBP. Existing UK customers are grandfathered into previous US-based pricing in USD, but anyone wishing to switch to the new subscription may contact support@cloudbridal.com

March 2021

New Features


  • Improved the layout and spacing of the customer appointment request form
  • Added a new “Direct Link” mode to the customer appointment request form, which can be used in place of the embeddable link. Using this mode of the form will include things like your logo image at the top, and will also include proper centering and spacing, as opposed to the embeddable link which spans the full width of the window.


  • Emails which are sent to customers or prospects will now display your branded logo image if it has been configured
  • Increased the font size of emails to improve legibility


  • Appointments can now be searched based on a customer’s name, phone number, or email. This also surfaces Store Declined and Customer Cancelled appointments, which previously could not be viewed in any way
  • In the appointment settings, there is a new field that allows you to set the number of months in the future that a customer is allowed to request appointments up to

February 2021

New Features


  • When declining a customer’s appointment, sending an email is now optional and can be turned off by clicking the new checkbox in the appointment declination popup
  • The Appointment Updated email that is sent to customers when the appointment status changes can now use custom text in the header. This custom text can be configured on a per-status basis: Pending, Confirmed, Store Declined, and Customer Cancelled. This and some of the other previous settings related to appointment emails can be found in the new section at Settings > Appointments > Email Settings
  • The customers list can now be sorted alphabetically by their name
  • Address fields are now biased toward your physical location, so you will now see more relevant address results. Note: you must allow CloudBridal to access your location when prompted in order to use this feature
  • The styling for emails has been refreshed to feel more modern


  • Added email templates. These are used to store the text of common email messages, which can then be re-used any time you need to send the same message. These can be managed from any customer’s record by clicking Contact > Send Email
  • Added sent email history, which allows you to view which emails have been sent to a customer. You can also see the latest known status of the email, such as if the customer has opened the email or if the email failed to be delivered to their inbox.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue where the Create New Customer button in the bridal party section did not work


  • The appointment date notes field now offers a rich text field, so you can format notes instead of having a plain text string
  • The store can now be marked as closed for a specific date (e.g. holiday) in the calendar through the notes dialog. Doing so will prevent customers from being able to request new appointments on that date
  • The appointment calendar now remembers your last seen time view (day, week, month), and will return you to that time view next time you visit the appointments page instead of always defaulting to the week view
  • The appointment notes section is now more prominent in both day and week views
  • Improved usability of the appointment settings


  • Added ability to bulk import inventory items from an excel template into CloudBridal (requires Ultimate plan)
  • Added indicator for when release notes have been updated


  • Added a Call option in the customer details page
  • Added the ability to enable/disable each of the customer contact options
  • New reports:
    • Appointment Resource Usage: Breaks down the number of appointments by status for each appointment resource
    • Appointment Type Usage: Breaks down the number of appointments by status for each appointment type
  • Added release notes modal and app version indicator
  • Improved navigation bar search visibility and functionality

January 2021

New Features

  • Rework of Purchase Orders feature
  • Added ability to send free-form emails to customers
  • Added Prospects feature to help differentiate between prospects that have not placed an order and customers that have placed an order
  • Inventory items now support the ability to set multiple options for the following fields: Customer Types, Fabrics, Silhouettes, Necklines, and Embellishments
  • Added a configurable Terms and Conditions page for receipts
  • Added ability to set inventory item prices as tax inclusive
  • Added ability to set a custom label for tax (e.g. VAT)
  • Added several new date fields to Orders Created report
  • Added emoji picker to SMS form
  • Added new dashboard alert for customers that are not associated to a staff member

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where retail price would not automatically populate in a new order
  • Fixed bug where order alteration price could not be set for orders past the New status
  • Receipt font and spacing is now more consistent
  • Fixed bug where some inbound SMS messages would not display

January 2021 - New Release Notes

We’re extremely pleased to announce that CloudBridal has switched to a new system to manage our release notes. We will now be posting our release notes on a monthly basis, and will continue to incrementally update the current month’s release notes as we develop the app. We hope that this will help make it more clear when updates occur and what exactly is in each update. We are also currently exploring options to improve and rework our knowledge base, so stay tuned for more updates on that front!