Today’s update brings several new changes to follow-up appointments. These changes include the ability to set a state on follow-up appointments, as well as you being able to view and manage the appointment history of a customer.


  • [New] Follow up appointments now include an Appointment Status field, which is used to track the status of a customer’s appointments throughout time. Typical values for this status include 1st Fitting, 2nd FittingPickup, and so on. These values are fully configurable in the settings, so you can add or remove statuses based on the way you prefer to track them.
  • [New] A customer’s page will now display and let you manage their entire appointment history so that you can better keep track of your progress with that customer.
  • [UI] Headers have been largely standardized throughout the app to better improve its usability.
  • [Fix] The Customer Notes field on an appointment can now be scrolled through if its contents go beyond the textarea height.