Today we are pleased to announce that we have modified our pricing plans to offer feature-based pricing. You can read more about the new pricing options on our pricing page. By default, our free trial starts on the Ultimate plan so that you can try all our features, but the plan type can be easily changed in the Settings page. Plan changes reflect instantly and don’t require any special configuration, so feel free to play around with each plan to figure out exactly what your business needs.




In other news, we have also made some changes to the order details page:

  • Alterations Price and Additional Work Price no longer counts toward subtotal or tax. Instead, a new checkbox that marks each field as paid can now be clicked. We found that counting these toward the subtotal made it more confusing to manage order payments, so we hope that this update improves the usability here.
  • The UI has been refreshed a bit for an order’s quick details.