Appointments are now more flexible than ever. Previously, they worked great to capture new potential customers by allowing you to take appointment requests for initial consultations with customers. The problem though is that they did not allow for any type of follow up appointments to be created like alterations or fittings. Now, we have enhanced the appointments tool to allow you to create and track various different types of appointments.


Appointment types can now be marked as Internal Use Only, which designates them as an appointment type that can only be created by a staff member, and is not able to be requested by a customer through the appointment booking tool.



Staff members can now create follow up appointments directly from a customer record. This will automatically associate their customer details with the appointment so that you don’t have to type any of it in. Instead, you just have to fill out appointment details like type, date, start time, end time, schedule, and staff member.



Appointments in the appointment calendar can now be filtered by appointment type in order to display just the type you care about. In addition, a convenient Internal Only filter has been added, which will display just internal appointment types.