Customer types have now been improved to better support a wider variety of store types. More specifically, you can now disable customer types that you don’t service in your store. When you disable a customer type, you will no longer see it in any dropdown lists, filter selections, statistics, and so on. This will reduce record keeping mistakes and also improve the user experience. This also means that CloudBridal can now support a wider variety of customer types without interfering in your business.

The supported customer types list in CloudBridal is now:

  • Bride
  • Bridesmaid
  • Mother of Bride/Groom
  • Flower Girl
  • Prom
  • Quinceañera

You can enable/disable customer types by navigating to Settings > General and then scroll down to Configurations.


Based on your selections, your interface will change. For example, with the above selection, this is what your Customers page filters would look like: