Today’s update doesn’t add any new features, but we have instead tightened up the consistency and usability of the UI. Our goal is to make CloudBridal intuitive and easy to use, and making the UI more consistent goes a long way to reduce overall confusion.

Customer Details Page

One paradigm that we have been shifting to throughout the UI is for action buttons to appear on the top left of a page. Previously, the customer details page had action buttons appearing in a few different places: top left for creating follow-up appointments, above the orders section to create an order, and within the bridal party section to print a customer receipt. This update unifies these all to the top-left of the customer details page like we have in other pages.


Customers, Orders, and Inventory List Pages

These list pages now also follow the paradigm of actions on the top left. We have also adjusted the headers to save on vertical page space and to reduce the number of UI elements on the page.


Appointment History

The customer’s appointment history now defaults to a condensed view (like the orders and bridal party) to make the customer details page less cluttered on the initial page load. Expanding the history will show the detailed view that was there before. Our goal here was to make the page less confusing and more accessible at first glance, while allowing users to drill down into detailed views if needed.


Bridal Party

The bridal party section has also been slightly adjusted to reduce the amount of UI elements in it.