This update brings some exciting new improvements to order receipts, including the ability to customize certain aspects of them. Additionally, non-dress inventory items such as accessories and veils now have inventory item support, so you can begin tracking them, associating them to orders, and running all existing inventory reports from them.

Receipt Changes

  • Receipts now include several additional fields that were missing before, such as information related to alterations and additional work
  • There are now 2 customizable sections of a receipt where you can customize them with your own text. One section is below the store info header at the top of the receipt, and the other section is below the order details at the bottom of the receipt. In addition to customizing the text, you can also format the text with the following options: bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, numbered list, bullet point list, font size, font color, font background color, indentation, and text alignment. You can configure these sections in Settings -> Orders & Tax.
  • Receipts now have signature fields for the sales associate, customer, and a date field, so that each party can give their sign-off at the end of the transaction.
  • You can now print receipts for specific orders on a customer, including the option to print all the orders for a customer.
  • Printing receipts for a bridal party will now print each order for each bridal party member on separate pages.





Non-Dress Inventory Items

  • When creating an inventory item, you can now select the item type: Dress, Accessory, Veil, and Other.
  • When a non-dress type is selected, new form fields are presented that are different from those that display for dresses.
  • When creating an order that is not a dress, you can now directly associate the order to these new inventory items.
  • You can now track reporting metrics like the performance of non-dress inventory items.