Getting Started

CloudBridal Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for CloudBridal. This is an invaluable reference for those interested in learning more about how to use and configure the features.

In order to get the most out of CloudBridal, we recommend reading through all of the documentation as you get started with the system. This will set you on the path to success, as you will be familiar with all of the features and how they interact with each other. Take your time, though! You don’t have to read everything in one sitting, and you can spend as much time as you want simply exploring the system.

Creating an Account

In order to use CloudBridal, you must register for an account.

  1. Visit
  2. Either enter a desired email/password, or click the Google button if you would like to register using your Google account.
  3. After registering, you will be prompted to enter some additional details in order to set up your profile, such as your Country and Bridal Shop Name.
  4. After entering your additional details, you will be brought to the Dashboard page, at which point you may begin using CloudBridal. Your 30-day free trial will also start at this point, which you can manage in the Subscription Settings.

Getting In Touch

At CloudBridal, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and dedication to customer care. Our team is incredibly responsive and happy to help you with any matter regarding CloudBridal. Your success and satisfaction is of the utmost importance, so please don't hesitate to reach out to our team if you are confused or wish to talk to us.

By Email

Our team can be reached by emailing

Live Chat

You can access our live chat by clicking on the chat button on the bottom right corner of Note that a live chat agent may not be available at all times, but you can still leave your inquiry and you will receive a response by email as soon as we are able.

Keeping Track of Updates

CloudBridal is constantly evolving with new features and enhancements, many of which are suggested by users like you. Our release notes are tracked by year, and are accessible by clicking the Release Notes button on the bottom left of the CloudBridal app. Alternatively, you can click this link to view the 2023 release notes.

Every release note will include a Version as well as a summary of the changes that are included with the version. Our version format follows the convention of Year.Month.VersionCount. For example, the 2nd update that is released in March 2021 is 21.3.2.

You can easily see the current version of CloudBridal on the bottom-left of the sidebar within the application:


You will also see a red indicator by the Release Notes button if a new update has been released that you have not viewed. Viewing the notes for that release will hide the red indicator.

Finally, CloudBridal will automatically notify you if your version is out of date after a new version has been released. You will see a prominent New Version Available button at the top near your bridal shop's name. You can either click this button or just reload the page, which will automatically update you.