Using CloudBridal

Inventory Showcase

Ultimate Plan

The Inventory Showcase feature is a standout tool in CloudBridal, designed to enhance your clients' shopping experience. It provides an easy-to-navigate gallery of your inventory, allowing clients to effortlessly browse and select their ideal dress.

The Inventory Showcase

Filtering and Sorting Options

Clients can conveniently filter through the collection by categories, designers, silhouettes, and item types. The sorting feature further aids in their search, with options like New Arrivals, Best Sellers, and sorting by Item Name.

Appointment Requests

While the showcase does not display prices, it facilitates client engagement by allowing them to request an appointment. This encourages them to visit your store and try on the dresses in person.

Personalized Favorites

The Favorite feature adds a personalized touch to the shopping experience. Clients can mark items they love, which are then included in their profile when they book their appointment. This allows you to prepare for their visit and provide a tailored experience.

Configuring the Inventory Showcase

To tailor the Inventory Showcase to your business needs, CloudBridal provides a suite of customizable settings.

General Settings

  • Enable Inventory Showcase: Toggle on the Enable Inventory Showcase setting to activate this feature. This allows your customers to view and interact with your inventory showcase.
  • Hide Item Labels: Choose to hide the item labels, such as the item name and designer, from the showcase. This is useful if you would like to keep the specific details of the item private.
  • Hide Item Attributes: Choose to hide the item attributes, such as the fabrics, silhouettes, and such. This is useful if you would like to reduce the visual clutter and keep the focus on the images.
  • Enable Sorting by 'Best Sellers': Enable this setting to allow clients to sort the showcase by best-selling items. This displays the most popular items first by number of sales.

Enabled Filters

Choose which filters you want to display in the showcase. These filters will be visible to your customers, and will allow them to filter the visible items based on their selected options.ArticleLayout

  • Enable Vendor/Designer Filter: This filter allows clients to filter the showcase by the vendors or designers of the items.
  • Enable Silhouette Filter: This filter allows clients to filter the showcase by the silhouette of the dress.
  • Enable Item Type Filter: This filter allows clients to filter the showcase by the type of item, such as dress, veil, or accessory.

Enabled Customer Categories

Choose which customer categories you want to display in the showcase. You should also set a Default Customer Category, which should generally be your main customer type.

Enabled Vendors

Manage which vendors' products are displayed in the showcase. You can select all vendors or handpick specific ones. This ensures that the showcased items are precisely what you want your clients to see.

Enabled Silhouettes

Select which silhouettes you want to display in the showcase. This allows you to tailor the showcase to your inventory, ensuring that only the relevant silhouettes are visible to your clients.

Enabled Item Types

Choose which item types you want to display in the showcase. This allows you to tailor the showcase to your inventory, ensuring that only the relevant item types are visible to your clients.

Hiding Individual Items

By default, your items are visible in the showcase unless you've hidden them using the Enabled Categories and Enabled Vendors settings. If you need to hide specific items, you can do so individually by editing the item in CloudBridal and ticking the Exclude from Showcase checkbox.

Exclude from Showcase

The item can be excluded from the inventory item details page.

Setting a Vendor Description

Once you've enabled the showcase, you will see a new field when editing a vendor called Inventory Showcase Description. This is a great place to add a brief description of the vendor, such as the history of the brand or the unique features of their products. This description will be displayed on the showcase page when the client browses the items from that vendor.

Inventory Showcase Description

Sharing the Inventory Showcase Link

Once you have customized and enabled your Inventory Showcase, sharing it with your clients is a breeze. The Inventory Showcase Link is a unique URL that directs clients straight to the showcase.

How to Share the Link

  • Your Website: Embed the link on your website, perhaps in the navigation menu or as a call-to-action button, making it easily accessible for visitors who wish to explore your collections.
  • Direct Communication: Share the link directly with clients via email or through direct messaging platforms.
  • Social Media: Post the link on your social media profiles or in targeted advertisements, allowing prospective clients to click through to your inventory.

By strategically placing and promoting the Inventory Showcase link, you can drive traffic to your inventory and enhance your clients' shopping experience, all while showcasing the best of what your store has to offer.

Client Portal Integration

The Inventory Showcase is seamlessly integrated with the Client Portal, allowing clients to view and interact with the showcase directly from their portal. If you have the Client Portal enabled, this integration is turned on by default. However, you can disable it if you prefer to keep the showcase separate from the client portal in the Client Portal Settings.


Why are some of my items not displaying?

To ensure that your items display, make sure the following conditions are met:

  • The vendor has not been disabled from the showcase in the Enabled Vendors settings.
  • The item has not been individually excluded by unchecking the Exclude from Showcase checkbox in the item's details page.
  • The item is not marked as Discontinued or Disposed in the item's details page.
  • The item has at least 1 image uploaded in the item's details page.

Can my client continue to view the showcase after booking an appointment?

Yes, your client is able to view the showcase and can even continue to add items to their favorites after booking an appointment. This allows them to continue browsing and adding items to their favorites, which will be visible to you when they visit your store.