Configuring CloudBridal

Customer Settings

The Customer Settings page contains a variety of configurations related to how you view and manage your customers and prospects:

  • Customer Document Uploads Enabled: Whether you wish to be able to upload documents related to the customer. If you don't ever upload customer documents, you can turn this off to simplify the interface.
  • Customer Referral Types: A list of the referral types that you wish to track per customer. In addition to tracking per customer, this list is displayed on the Dashboard page, which provides a widget that shows where your referrals are coming from for a specific time period.
  • Customer Additional Options: We don't recommend that you use this. This is a legacy setting that allows you to create a list of custom checkboxes on a customer's profile page that you can check or uncheck. It's better to use Custom Fields instead, which offers similar functionality but with more overall features.
  • Event Date Label: This refers to the customer's Event or Wedding date. You are free to change this label if you would prefer to display a different term throughout the interface.
  • Archive Customer This Many Days After Event Date: This defines the number of days after the customer's event date where it is safe to automatically archive the customer to keep your data clean. You will still be able to view their data, they will just be in an Archived state.
  • Archive Prospect This Many Days After Event Date: This works the same way as the above option, but is for prospects instead of customers. The distinction between prospects and customers is that a prospect has not yet placed an order, whereas a customer has placed an order.
  • Customer Types: You can toggle on or off the customer types that you service in your store.
  • Customer Favorite Items: This feature allows you to keep track of a customer's favorite items, which in turn allows you to generate a quote that you can give them.
  • Default Favorite Item Print Mode: Combine Items Into One Page will default to displaying all of a customer's favorite items in the quote, and Separate Items Per Page creates distinct quotes for each favorite item. Regardless of which default mode you set, you can still generate a quote with either option; this just controls the default functionality.
  • Customer Contact Options: You can enable or disable the ability to email, SMS, or call customers from CloudBridal.
  • VoIP Custom URL Format: This is an advanced configuration setting. If you use a VoIP system in your store, they may have provided you a web URL that when accessed through a web browser, will route a call to your phone directly. You can enter this URL into CloudBridal so that initiating a call from CloudBridal will transfer to your phone automatically. You must include the {TELEPHONENUMBER} placeholder somewhere in the URL, which will be converted to the customer's actual phone number when you initiate the call.
  • Custom Fields: See the Custom Field configuration documentation to learn more about how to set up custom fields.