Using CloudBridal

Twilio Integration

The Twilio Integration allows you to bring your own phone number to CloudBridal and use it to send SMS messages to your clients. If you don't setup this integration, you can still send SMS messages to your clients, but it will be done through a CloudBridal phone number that is not associated with your business, and therefore cannot receive calls directly.



  1. Log into your Twilio console, and copy your Account SID, Auth Token, and Phone Number. You will need these later.
The Twilio information

You will have unique values in these three fields that you need to copy.

  1. Navigate to Phone Numbers > Manage > Active numbers.
  2. Select your phone number.
  3. Scroll down to the Messaging section at the bottom of the page.
  4. In the A MESSAGE COMES IN field, select Webhook and enter the following URL:
The Twilio message box
  1. In CloudBridal, navigate to the Twilio Settings at this link.
  2. Enter your Account SID, Auth Token, and Phone Number from step 1 and Save.
  3. Test the integration by sending a test SMS message from a CloudBridal prospect/customer record. You should also try replying to the SMS message from your phone and validate that it is received in CloudBridal.