Configuring CloudBridal

Payment Settings

The Payment Settings section contains several configurations related to customer payments:

  • Payment Methods: A list of the payment methods that you allow customers to pay with.
  • Hide Order Filter: This allows you to disable the ability to filter the payment history screen by a specific order. We recommend leaving this Off.
  • Hide Total Amounts Table: Hides the table that displays the payment breakdown in the payment history screen. We recommend leaving this Off.

Payment Plans

To view the documentation for how to configure and use payment plans, click here.

Stripe Integration

CloudBridal partners with Stripe for secure payments. Our Stripe integration allows you to connect a new or existing Stripe account with CloudBridal so that you can take customer payments directly from within CloudBridal. Your account will be onboarded as a Standard account in Stripe, meaning that you will have full control over your Stripe account and any of the transactions that are processed as part of the integration.

In order to get started with Stripe, simply click the Connect with Stripe button, which will redirect you to Stripe's onboarding form. This is where you will enter important details about your business that are required to process transactions and handle payouts. Click the Connect with Stripe button to begin the onboarding process.


When you complete the onboarding process, you will be shown a summary of the connection details, and you will also have the ability to enable or disable payment settings. You will want to make sure that the summary looks correct to you. For example, make sure that the default currency code is your local currency, otherwise, customers will not be charged the correct amount.


Once you are happy with the Stripe summary, you can tick the Enable Charging in Payments Form checkbox, which will allow you to charge a card when creating or editing a payment in CloudBridal.

Likewise, you can tick the Enable Paid Appointments button to allow you to charge customers when booking appointment types that you configure as paid.

Note that although CloudBridal facilitates these payments, we do not manage or handle things like disputes, refunds, or similar financial details of that nature. You will be able to handle those types of details by yourself through your Stripe dashboard.