Using CloudBridal

Dashboard & Alerts

Your Dashboard is basically the high-level overview of your shop. There are 2 parts to the dashboard: Alerts and Statistics.


Alerts can be configured by following the instructions on the Dashboard Alert Settings page. After you configure your alerts, you will begin to see relevant alerts at the top of the page. Here's an example: image-11

Each alert section can be expanded for a detailed table of the alerts in that section:


You can act on each of these alerts individually by clicking on the button in the Actions row. When you resolve the alert, it will automatically disappear from the list.


There are several statistics modules that are displayed on the dashboard. These modules give you a quick summary of things like your orders, customers, popular referral types, and so on. Presently, the following modules are available:

  • Orders in Current Year: Displays the amount of orders placed in the current year, with buttons that bring you to the orders page by the selected status. This also displays the received and outstanding payments for these orders.
  • Recent Customers: Displays the number of registered customers based on a user-selected time frame.
  • Popular Referral Types: Displays a chart of referral types sorted in descending order based on popularity. The time frame is user-selected.
  • Popular Event Months: Displays upcoming event months grouped by customer type. The time frame is user-selected.
  • Inventory Items Overview: Displays the number of unique items in your inventory, grouped by the vendor. The overall wholesale and retail values are displayed, as well as the per-vendor breakdown.