Using CloudBridal


CloudBridal makes it easy to keep a digital record of your inventory. Once you add your inventory to CloudBridal, you will be able to easily create customer orders that pull up available colors, fill in the price, and more. To begin adding inventory items, simply go to the inventory page and click the New Inventory Button. This will open a page where you can enter details about your inventory item.

Quick Tip: Don't forget that you can hide or mark practically any inventory item field as required in the inventory item settings by clicking the Field Setup button.

On the inventory page, you will see the following default fields:

  • Item Type: The type of item. One of Dress, Accessory, Veil, Other, or Childrenswear.
  • Customer Types: The types of customers that this inventory item is for. When adding an order to a customer, the search functionality will only find items that match the customer's type.
  • Style ID: Dress only. The vendor's style identifier for the dress.
  • Vendor: The vendor that sells the item.
  • Available Colors: All colors that can be ordered for this item.
  • Stocked Colors: All colors that you have in stock for this item.
  • Fabrics/Silhouettes/Necklines/Embellishments/Season/Year: Dress only. These are the various descriptive properties that can be configured in the inventory settings.
  • Discontinued: Whether this item is discontinued by the vendor. This is available as a filter on the inventory page.
  • Disposed: Whether this is an item that you disposed of, but are still keeping records for. This is available as a filter on the inventory page.
  • Comments: Any internal notes you have about this item.
  • Images: Images of the item. Shows up when previewing the item on a customer's order, as well as on the customer's receipt if you have enabled the receipt setting for it.

Once you begin creating inventory items, you will start to see the table of your inventory start to populate. This is also where you can edit, delete, or view the order history of the item.

Inventory Item Varieties

Inventory items support the concept of varieties. This is simply a way to designate multiple sizes, quantities, and prices on an inventory item. Each inventory item must have at least one variety, but it can have as many as you want. This concept is useful in several situations:

  • Your vendor might have a different price for certain sizes, in which case you can add these sizes as additional varieties. When you create an order using one of these sizes, it will pull up the correct price.
  • You may have certain sizes in stock but not others, so you can add these sizes as varieties of the inventory item.