Configuring CloudBridal

Your Profile and 2FA

Your Profile and Two Factor Authentication

After signing in to CloudBridal, you can manage a few of your personal details on the Profile page. In the Profile Details section, you can set the following fields:

  • Your Name: This should be set to your full name
  • Side Menu Color: Controls the color of the sidebar. Either Light or Dark.
  • Enforce Google Sign In: This is only visible if you have registered for a CloudBridal account using Google single-sign-on. Leaving this unchecked will allow you to sign in using a regular username/password, and checking this will force you to use Google single-sign-on.

Two Factor Authentication


If you registered using Google, you will need to manage your Two Factor Authentication settings directly in your Google account settings. You can read more about setting that up here.

Local CloudBridal Account

If you have a local CloudBridal account, you can still enable Two Factor Authentication by using an app on your mobile device. For your security, we highly recommend enabling Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account. This will require using a separate device, such as a personal smartphone, and provides a token that you must enter when signing into CloudBridal. This may be a little more cumbersome than just entering your password, but the security benefit greatly outweighs the slight annoyance, as potential attackers will not be able to access your CloudBridal account without your phone.

To set up Two Factor Authentication, you will need to download the Authy (recommended) or Google Authenticator app on your device. When you do that, click the Enable Google Authenticator button on your profile page, which will then display a QR code that you can scan into the app. You will also be presented with a Secret Key, which you should write down or save in a secure location.

When you scan the QR code into Google Authenticator or Authy, you will automatically be displayed with a 6-digit code that refreshes every 30 seconds. In order to finish setting this up, you must enter the code and click Verify in CloudBridal. Once the verification is complete, your account will be enabled with 2FA, and it will be required from that point in order to sign in.