Using CloudBridal


Generally, your list of vendors will be the first data that you should enter into CloudBridal. This will allow you to create inventory items, which will then allow you to create orders for customers. Fortunately, entering vendor information is extremely simple. All you need to do is to navigate to the list of vendors in the sidebar, and then click the New Vendor button to begin.

The vendor interface has the following fields:

  • Name: The name of the vendor.
  • Address: A physical address.
  • Email: The primary email address that you use to email the vendor.
  • Phone Number: The primary phone number that you use to call the vendor.
  • Website URL: The vendor's website, or the URL where you place orders for your vendor.
  • Contact Full Name: The name of your contact at the vendor's organization.
  • Inventory Label Abbreviation: You only need to set this if you wish to generate inventory labels, and it defines a shorthand abbreviation for their name that can fit on the label.
  • Comments: Any internal notes that you need to keep track of about the vendor.

Once you save the vendor, you will see them added to the list of vendors. At this point, you have several actions that are available on each vendor:

  • Green pencil icon: Edit the vendor's information
  • Red trash icon: Delete the vendor
  • Black box icon: View purchase order history with the vendor
  • Yellow comment icon: Hover over this to see the notes that you left for the vendor.

After creating your vendors, you can then begin entering some of your inventory. Additionally, you may want to refer to the documentation for creating purchase orders if you wish to use that feature to keep track of customer orders that you place with the vendor.