Configuring CloudBridal

Customer Order Settings

The Customer Order Settings section allows you to manage the settings related to the orders that your customers place. The following settings are available:

  • Default Order Dates to Today's Date: When transitioning the order status, it will set the related date for the new status to the present date. For example, if you change Ordered to Arrived, it will automatically set the order's Arrival Date to today.
  • Default Fields: This allows you to set whether several of the default measurement fields are required in order to save the order. This is useful if you want to ensure that data is present in order to prevent mistakes.
  • Custom Order Fields: See the Custom Field Management documentation to read more on setting custom fields.
  • Custom Measurement Fields: Similar to above, but these fields are specific to the Measurements section of an order, and will replace the default measurement fields if set.
  • Tax Configuration: This allows you to set the Tax Percent for each type of order, as well as for the various order fees. Note that if you disable certain inventory item types in the Inventory Items settings page, you will not be able to configure the tax percent for those types.