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Prom Registry

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The Prom Registry allows you to associate a customer's dress order with a venue or school for a given season. Upon registration, the system will prevent other customers from being able to place an order for that dress in the same season.

Configuring the Prom Registry

To configure the registry, you must first go into the Prom Registry Settings page and check the Enable Prom Registry feature. Afterwards, you will be prompted to configure the following fields:

  • Current Prom Season: This defines the current time period that customers are shopping for. An example season is Fall 2022, but you can enter any value that makes sense for your store. You will need to periodically update this value as the season changes.
  • Schools/Venues: This allows you to define the schools or venues that you service.
  • Allow Same Dress in Different Color By Default: If you enable this option, the system will allow dress styles of a different color to be registered to the same school. You can always override this per-order, however.
  • New Orders Should Prompt You to Register a Prom Venue By Default: This will automatically prompt you to register any orders placed by Prom customers to the registry.

Registering Dresses to the Prom Registry

There are 3 ways to register dresses, each of which will only work when the customer has the Prom customer type set.

  1. Through a Detailed Order: When placing a detailed order through the customer's profile, you can check the Add Dress to Prom Registry button.
  2. Through an Off-the-Shelf Order: When placing an off-the-shelf order through the customer's profile, you can check the Add Dress to Prom Registry button.
  3. Directly in the Prom Registry: At the Prom Registry page, you can click the New Registration button and search up an existing customer's order.

For each of these methods, you will see a form that prompts you to enter a School as well as a Season. You can either select an existing school, or enter a new school. By default, the current prom season will show up as the Season.

Add to Prom Registry

Using the Prom Registry

You can view your current registry by visiting the Prom Registry link in the sidebar. The prom registry displays a list of dress registrations for each school in the selected season. If you would like to filter by school, you can simply search for the school's name in the search bar. This is good to incorporate into your workflow for your prom customer appointments.

Prom Registry

The other fail-safe that the system provides is to prevent you from placing new orders where a match is found on the registry. If you try to do so, you will see an error that looks something like this:

Prom Registry Error