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2023 Release Notes and Update History

January 2023

  • Added a new module, the Client Portal. This module is only available for Ultimate plan subscribers. You can view more information in the help documentation article here for details.
  • The automated emails tool has been updated with 5 new events, each of which gives you the ability to send an email automatically X days after the order status is changed to the new status.
    • Order Status Changed: Ordered
    • Order Status Changed: Arrived
    • Order Status Changed: Work Completed
    • Order Status Changed: Picked Up
    • Order Status Changed: Cancelled
  • Added the ability to set a "Buffer Time in Minutes" to an appointment type. This gives a convenient way to automatically set up small buffer windows after an appointment where you can catch a break. You could previously do this using the "Select Detailed Availability" tool, but that required manually selecting each time slot.